"Reaction to pistons" option for blocks

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Issue description

This is (yet) another property determined by the material, but it's possible to override it with this piece of code:

public EnumPushReaction getMobilityFlag(IBlockState state) {
	return EnumPushReaction.REACTION;

The possible reactions are:

  • DESTROY: pistons break the block when extending (e.g. replaceable plants, pumpkins)
  • BLOCK: pistons won't extend (e.g. obsidian, bedrock)
  • PUSH_ONLY: the block won't be pulled back by sticky pistons (e.g. glazed terracotta)
  • IGNORE: not really sure, seems to behave like PUSH_ONLY

Issue comments

The ticket is open and this is planned to be added, DKMK100.

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