Option for GUI elements to be anchored to corners

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Issue description

Option for GUI elements to be anchored to other points than center

Overlay Label Position And Scaling


Issue comments

I see, I will keep this ticket open and rename it to better describe the solution to this problem.

The solution to this would be an option to be able to select if the label should be placed relative to a center or relative to other points, a top left corner in your example.

I will change this to a feature request and we will consider adding this feature in the future updates.

When will these be Added I neeeed it. It's so annoying especially when you are trying to make overlays. I am trying to make a space mod that shows you your oxygen left on the bottom right of the screen but when you go fullscreen the text doesnt stick to the cornet

It would also be nice to have this with overlays. Currently I use image bases to get around the issues, but making a 1920x1080p image hundreds of times can take up unnecessary amounts of space.

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