Players Cannot Join Server with MCreator Mod

Published by rmsandegs on Tue, 12/03/2019 - 00:45
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Issue description

When I try to host a server (LAN and private servers are both affected), the server boots with seemingly no errors, but players are unable to join it. They get to "Loading Terrain", then get an error message saying the requested packet exceeds the maximum amount (in my case, the packet size is 31 and the max is 20, not set by me). The problem was instantly fixed when switching to MCreator 1.9.1.

Unfortunately, this is all the data I have on this. The problem is repeated when attempting to log in multiple times. I could not find any element(s) that caused the issue.

(I think my workspace might exceed the file size limit, and I can't see if I've uploaded it so)

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