Ore generation issue

Issue description

Hey, so I wanted to make a new ore, simple right, I followed the directions of many tutorials how ever I have not found a single piece of this new material, I have set the to replace stone option, I have maxed both Chunk generation and batch generation to its max of 32 and have set quite a large range of Y-levels for generation, tinkering with all of this for hours have yeilded no results and im stuck to go to the fourms for an answer, any ideas? If theres any pictures you may be in need of just ask.

*Edit I have gone as far as redownloading Mcreator just to see if I messed up the install... no luck still

Issue comments

Ok so im no java expert how ever a little look into the code shows that there is no generation code, only the code declaring the recource to replace stone however there is no generation values to be seen like "At what Y level will this ore be in generation"

I don't know what to do what so ever now!

Basilcy there must be a glitch in the normal block creation to not be able to actully spawn in ores, I have actully at this point tried a few other ores, some in tree leaves, some just in the sky to replace air, seemingly the same issues

Understandable but the problem is Im attempting to generate a new ore in the overworld and no such luck, I will try to set values over the 32 32 for generation sizes and amounts but otherwise my problem is different. Thanks for your help tho.


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