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Published by Domakingo on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 17:51
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Good Evening, I created a lot of slab models with blockbench and importade to mcreator as .json. I created the block putting the model and fixing the hitbox. When I'm in minecraft and i try to put a slab on top of the other it doesn't stack. How should I fix it? It would be too complicated to create the bottom and the top part of each slab since there are so many of them. Thanks

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but with the slab block base all the faces of the slab are the same, if I wanted to create a slab with different faces how do I do? I already have the blockbench model ready, do I have to do both the bottom part and the top part?

Vanilla slabs do not support this, you would need to code a manual slabs for this or alter slab model JSON for this.

I have manually coded this into the files, it works but you must lock the mod element.

After you lock it, if you require an update your software your mod elements will require you unlock the file to recompile the mod and thus forcing you to re-edit the code manually again...

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