"On structure generated" trigger is broken!

Published by Yusufhum3 on Thu, 03/19/2020 - 14:18
Works as designed
Issue description

When I assign a procedure to a structure with "on structure generated" the world Bugs like crazy! Mobs bug and dont move gravel doesnt fall only seconds later tallgrass takes forever to break if theres no grass underneath. I want to make a dungeon with 2 chests that spawns the normal dungeon loot. I tried using loot tables and make them generate as chests/Zombie_dungeon doesnt work only when using a command with /data merge block and I created a custom block that generates on top of every chest that spawns the loot and destroys itself afterwards it works when placing it manually. the problem is that tick update doesnt trigger normally how can I fix this. Btw when I reload the world the game works fine but when I load new chunks it starts bugging again. And also how does on structure generated work does every block in the structure trigger the procedure? 

Issue comments

You should not do any hard actions using this trigger as it will slow down the world gen as you experienced. There is no way around this.

But how can I else generate vanilla loot in custom structure chests?

Assign loot table to your chest the same way as you would with any chest using commands. This is covered on our forums.

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