Possible Bug with Transparency?

Published by Aethelwyn on Sat, 03/21/2020 - 16:40
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Issue description

Currently working on a few benchmarks for procedures, block materials, etc. just to see what is doable & not doable when going to build my mod.
I've noticed a strange issue with transparency regardless of transparency mode, material, & light opacity. 

1. Light cannot pass through the block.
2. Connected surfaces of the same type can still be seen through the block.
3. Happens with every new glass type made


Issue comments

Did you set the light opacity?

Yes, The light opacity is set at 0. (I've also tested it at a light opacity of 255 & 127 to see if that would produce any change, it did not)

Also didn't know that the 2nd one was a long-standing problem. I'll figure out a workaround for that then

Setting the light opacity to 0 is the right thing, but there seems to be a bug with this. I will fix it in 2020.2.

Hey! I've got the same problem as the one above. I am trying to make a transparent block without it letting any light through. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or might it be a bug? Tried all opacity and transparency levels.

I'm using 2020.5

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