Issue with material creator function

Published by ImDaGreen_ on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 17:36
Works as designed
Issue description

As I didn't find a mod that suited my requested, I installed this magnificent program to make MY mod and add a lot of new stuff to my game experience: ores, mobs, post-game challenges... and it all works perfectly, no issues and it goes very fluent. Congrats for this.

Anyways, a few updates after I installed the program, I discovered that button "Create material pack" which should (and it does) make a brand new ore pack completed with armor and tool set; if you don't want them you can add just the ore, the armor set or the tool set. i found a problem with these functions, because I think the "base ore power" related to iron is a bit broken, because I get in answer very strange values: if I set 1.5 to iron I receive a sword that has 1 attack speed (iron has 1.6) and 5 attack damage (iron has 6). maybe it's e that I haven't understood how it works, but it doesn't make sense to me: also I get back a ridiculous quantity of attack speed in the hoe (for example, with 1.5 I get back 13 attack speed, where diamond should have 3 or something like that)... If it is not a bug, but it works differently to what I thought, could you at least explain me how it works? Because it's a bit frustrating programming every single item for every single ore; and I had the goal to add 14 new ores, so... it's a matter of laziness, nothing else :) but if I cannot be lazy as muchh as I wanted it really hurts me :(

Issue comments

The material pack maker makes a base for you to work from. It is impossible to properly scale all parameters that are not in a linear relationship with one parameter.

So use this parameter to get the starting point and then build from there.

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