player can cheese crafting table mechanic

Published by eden saad on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 11:54
Can not reproduce
Issue description

so I made a custom crafting table and made it so if item in slot one = (item) do set item in slot 2 = (item)
and when the item is taken from slot 2 remove the item in slot 1
but the problem is that you can time it so you'll be able to cheese it and take the item in slot 2
even if you took the item in slot one (you still need to be kinda fast though)
(the procedure is called crafting table update tick, the block is CraftingTable and the GUI is CraftingTableGUI if you look at the workspace)

Issue comments

I thought I extracted it and by cheese, I meant: cheat the system 


When item is taken from slot has some issues we are working on, plus at the time of triggering it provides the current item at the moment.

The current workaround used by people is to check if the item was taken from the slot on the block tick update.

We are working on this issue, but were not able to fix it to the 2020.2 deadline.

ok, it's fine it's not too bad thank you for commenting and replying to me.

also, I knew why the problem was caused although I don't think I had something to do against it.

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