Bug With Stone Cutter crafting

Published by Hidan on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 00:14
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Issue description

There is small bug with stone cutter block
if you have 2 blocks that are used to craft something "For my example Stone and Stonebrick"
than if you make recipe element that uses stone to create Stonebrick wall or else and create similar recipe but with Stonebrick as input
than recipe will not gonna work.

As you can see Normal Stone have duplicated elements such as Stonebrick Wall, Stair and slab but in fact it should have it only one
and that copy should be included when stonebrick is used instead "Like on picture 2, there are no recipes for them because they are assigned
to stone variant instead"

To conclude, if you make multiple recipes with same output but with different input than all of the outputs will be moved to very first wariant
and other variants will not gonna have their recipes.



Issue comments

I see what you mean. I don't think you can define multiple inputs to one output this way as the JSON system was not designed this way.

What you should to is tag all inputs under a common tag and use this tag for the recipe input instead of individual items.

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