Cannot craft slabs even if it has it's own recipe

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I'm not sure why this does not not work?

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Also, when I made the move to 2020.2 the slab recipe was working. 


Heads up I took my 1.12.2 mod and converted it to 1.14.4 and the problem is also present!


I was able to reproduce this in 1.12.2, but not in 1.14.4. Could you provide your 1.14.4 workspace that has this problem so I can investigate?

Also, when I made the move to 2020.2 the slab recipe was working. 

Before 2020.2 slabs were not even supported.

I posted when I made the move to 2020.2, not prior.... before that I had to use procedures which cost loads of time and effort.

Anyway here are the work arounds for you and anyothers


I have come across a potential fix/work around.

Using the following Mods for 1.12 which are found on

You will be able to add them to your gradle/run folder and create the recipes needed.
A file will be created under the gradle/scripts folder and the file will house all the recipes for your users.

However you will need to make sure that you add to the API/External MOD requirements that this mods are required and the script file is also required. While this sucks butt, it is the only way to now fix the final slab stages of the 1.12.2 of MCreator app as the support is not gone for 1.12.


Hope this helps



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