Duplicating Caves

Issue description

This is probably the weirdest issue i have ever reported....

Somehow cave generation in dimensions seem to add a new cave gen whenever you re-enter the dimension.... I know, really weird.

I have attached the workspace so you can take a look.

You can enter the dimension by walking through a block called "sugarenia portal block"

Changing generation

it's normal on the left and it gets worse the further you go....... (This is in minecraft not mcreator, Nothing in the mod has changed between everytime i re-entered the dimension)

This is when i started to notice it. the ground is like 90% cave.

I have also tested this in mcreator and it let to the same issue.

I hope this is fixable.

not lying
just what the hell

Attachment Size
The workspace6.08 MB 6.08 MB

Issue comments

I admit we use some hacks to get cave gen to work as there is no good support for this for mods yet, but did not think this can happen. I will look into this.

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