Can't get the program to work

Published by Master Z on Fri, 04/10/2020 - 10:08
Issue description

 I believe My Ultra slow and unstable internet connection is the problem here, but I can't get the program to even build the project.

Here's the log:


Issue comments

I tried to download one of the files manually to see if I can just add it to it's respective place in the .mcreator folder but when I launch the program again it just deletes it and try to download it again.

I searched Everywhere for a way to manually download the dependencies to no avail.

What else Can I do?

By the way My current internet connection is Literally The best You can get in my country (Yemen Which Known to have the slowest internet in human history), and that means getting a better internet is not a possible Solution for me.

We use Minecraft Forge MDK which uses Gradle which requires good internet and unfortunately we can't fix this. I would try doing this:

  1. Try running the setup multiple times, it might progress further each time
  2. Try turning off AV or FW if you have it

In general, it could be these too:

  • Your ISP blocking certain websites
  • Too slow VPN or VPN with blocked domains that MCreator needs to access
  • Any other software blocking access to download repository
  1. I did run it multiple times and I will do it a couple more
  2. I have no anti Virus installed they are untrustable and will flag anyting as virus for money. I have checked my windows Firewall and java does have full access to the internet.

I contacted My ISP, they only have "adult websites" blocked.

I did try With and Without VPN, same problem.

I don't think I have any sort of program that would block other programs or website, I have a fresh copy of windows 7 64bit with nothing installed but Java 1.8.0 64bit, JDK 8 64bit, Steam, 2 Steam Games, Mincraft and the MultiMC launcher, Eclipse (Which gives me similar internet problems when I try to import a Gradle project, Thats why I decided to try Mcreator maybe it does better with slower connections), I had intelliJ but I uninstalled it, The Twitch app, IDM and Mozilla Firefox

Isn't there a way I could Manually download and add the files without them getting deleted? because Internet Download Manager seem to have no problem downloading them!

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