I can't run the Client...

Published by HyroHyKen on Wed, 04/15/2020 - 14:05
Issue description

Hey, i'm new, my name is Alex and that's my first day on this software, i'm familiar with Java but i can't manage to find the errors on the launching of the client. 

The Logs are the text file in the attachments. (i had to zip it)

I know for sure that someone had a similar issue here and i just wanted to know how to solve it so i can check if my mod work.

Thank you for reading !!


PS : There is also a picture of my Workspace if that can help ;)

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Capture_38.PNG111.82 KB 111.82 KB
Logs.zip12.04 KB 12.04 KB

Issue comments

Did you edit any registry names in the workspace?

If not, please attach your shareable workspace zip here.

I have imported it and it worked. I have two ideas you can try:

  1. Try doing Build & run -> Regenerate code and build
  2. if this does not help, try importing the workspace from the file you shared with me in a new workspace folder

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