Location procedures not working with GUIs without slots

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Issue description

I have a procedure set up so whenever I click on certain buttons in my gui each one plays a different sound (in my case it's music), and whenever I click on those buttons in the gui they do nothing, all the other buttons in the gui work perfectly. I attached a screenshot of the procedures, here is a link to download the workspace beacuse it is too big for the attachments : http://www.mediafire.com/file/sg4fk0sgse0h5ge/iphonetest.zip/file

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Issue comments

Edit these buttons and reselect the procedures to update the dependencies. Please report back if it helped.

It didn't help, I also tried making new procedures and new buttons but it still doesn't do anything.

The actual cause for this bug seems to be this: Location procedures not working with GUIs without slots

I changed the ticket title to reflect this. This bug will be fixed in MCreator 2020.3.

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