my java model quite normal does not want to make my mob work

Issue description

When I save my mob I don't know why but there is an error message that say ''your workspace contains mod elements that Don't compile properly''

and when I changed my java file to rigged or villager now there was no more error message

If someone read this, I hope he's gonna help me because i'm only 12 and I'm not very experienced.

Attachment Size
this is my java file, I hope you're gonna help me :)704 bytes 704 bytes

Issue comments

Set the model name in BlockBench before exporting, not in Java file if you do not know how to do this:

public class sans_monster extends ModelBase {
    private final ModelRenderer leftleg;
    private final ModelRenderer rightleg;
    private final ModelRenderer body;
    private final ModelRenderer rightarm;
    private final ModelRenderer leftarm;
    private final ModelRenderer head;

    public custom_model() {

sans_monster is not same as custom_model

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