Structure Not Spawning when Specifying a Block

Published by xSnowyx on Fri, 04/24/2020 - 01:46
Works as designed
Issue description

Good evening! I have recently run into an issue with MCreator, one I wasn't expecting. I'm currently trying to spawn a giant tree structure (using a small structure of a spawning block, with a procedure that places the tree structures upon spawn block structure placement), but whenever I specify a block, in this instance Grass Block, the Spawn Block Structure doesn't spawn, while when there's no block specification, the structure DOES spawn. 

To be sure you know what versions I'm using:
-MCreator 2020.2
-Minecraft Forge v1.14.4
-Element Type: Structure
-Subelement Issue: Restricts to block type


Thanks for reading, and I hope that this issue is either fixed soon, or has already been fixed in the latest 2020.3 snapshot. I have linked my workspace as well, for you to investigate.
~Erin Rose Webs

Issue comments

Structure gen usually checks on the block below, so in most cases, it is recommended to set it to ground and underground block, so add checks for desired dirt types. I have tested this in your workspace and it worked fine then.

I have removed the workspace to fix your concerns.

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