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Can not reproduce
Issue description

I'm trying to put in an update for my JoJo mod, and I don't want to have to make another mod page, but whenever I save it, it always keeps the original file. If you take off the original file and replace it, it refuses to save. If you add the new file and keep the original, it will only save the original. Please help.

Issue comments

What do you mean refuses to save? What error do you get?

If possible make a screen recording so I can get some idea on what is happening.

I can't put the screen recording because you can't put any files in because this site is super broken. However, the error is at the modification files section. It seems no matter what I do, in any way, shape, or form, this thing refuses to save the actual file. I can change anything except the files. If I were to delete the file and add the correct one, it would give me an error. If I were to add the correct file, it would save only the original, incorrect file.

because this site is super broken

This is not a useful insight that would help us fix it

You can upload it to Mega or YT and link it here.

 it would give me an error

The mystery of what this error says remains unsolved it seems.

Modification files

This value should not be null.

Upload your exported modification files here. You can upload multiple versions of your mod. If you can't upload more versions due to the limit, remove the oldest version.

Add a new file


This value should not be null.

Maximum 4 files.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: zip, jar, ptpl, mcaddon, mcworld.


Theres the error. As I said, if I remove the original file and then I add the correct one, it comes out with this. YouTube doesn't work on my wifi because the website brings a ton of lag, so I can't upload the screen recording. Pretty much all streaming websites do this.

I am sorry but from these details, I was not able to reproduce this.

I do not know:

  • what file you are trying to upload, its format, size, contents (having the actual file would help)
  • your OS
  • your browser brand and version

I checked website logs too and no errors, so more details would help a lot.

One thing I would suggest is to upload the file and then wait a bit for the file to actually get uploaded before saving if your net is slow.

I have MacOS, a .zip mod of 38.7 MB on disk, I can't put the file on because you can't post files at least for me, my browser is Google Chrome.

38.7 MB is over our limit, unfortunately. I suggest you upload the file on for example Mediafire and post a link on the mod page.


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