Can we have an option to disable vanilla advancements?

Published by Trolmaso on Wed, 04/29/2020 - 00:29
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So I would like to make a mod that revamps the advancement trees.

But in order to do that, I will have to remove and/or hide vanilla advancements?

I know it is possible with normal Minecraft coding, but I do not believe this is possible yet with MCreator.

So, if you can add this in your next update, please do!

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How does one do this with code? I did not find a way to do this yet, but if I do, I will consider adding it.

I have no idea how to do this. I just know that it is possible because I've seen other mods/datapacks that have done it such as "blazeandcave's advancement pack". I've seen online tutorials of how to do it but I don't really understand them. I think it's something to do with making copies of the vanilla advancements .json files and doing something with it. (maybe it was making the criteria empty or something)

I've also seen links to download something like that (one was even from a Mojang developer) but all of them where broken. Maybe if you look into the .json files of the datapack I've mentioned before but I'm not really sure that that might help. 

Also, maybe this link could help:

But anyways, thanks for the response!

Good News! I figured out how to do it with this mod I made! (see attachments)

Bad News! It also removes modded advancements :(

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