Stone Generates in Custom Fluid Lakes in the Nether.

Published by Trolmaso on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 15:49
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Issue description

Like I said in the title.

I made a custom fluid that generates in lakes in the Nether. (The lake was made automatically by MCreator, not me)

But, when I found the lakes, there was stone generated around it.  I have provided a picture of it below. 

I don't think that was supposed to happen!

Please fix this soon!

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Issue comments

Oh, okay.

Sorry if it counted as duplicate.

But, a solution to this could be making a structure that is the lake. If that is even possible to auto-create.

Thanks for responding so fast!

A structure could work.

I will look into rewriting a fluid generator to fit the needs as part of the linked ticket too.

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