Stonecutter recipe change (List of blocks instead of just 1 block)

Published by supermj767 on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 17:29
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I need to make recipes for everything in my mod CUT and i'm going to do so using the stonecutter recipe's but this will take me weeks just to make simple recipe's so my idea is to make instead one block creating another block i would like a list of blocks in stonecutter recipe's that would be like the "Blocks this ore can replace" thing but in the stonecutter recipe so we can select alot of blocks that 1 block can make this could help my work cause it will only just take about 30 minutes to make all the recipe's like this but right now with the current recipe's i have to make 500+ recipes and that's way to much for one person, i know this might be to much to add in 2020.3 but i would like this in at least that version or later.

thank you! :)

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Issue comments

Doing this would turn how the Mojang implemented around and against their concept.

The proper solution for this is to tag all desired items in items tag group and then use this tag as recipe input and it will accept all desired items.

Our recipe system follows this implementation:

Output can not be tags and you will need a separate recipe for each of them if you check their specification:

  •  result: An item ID. The output item of the recipe.

One can not put multiple items as the output of one recipe.

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