Its spawning two entities whenever i run this procedure

Published by supermj767 on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 05:14
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Well the name basically describes it all whenever i run this procedure it spawns two entities (Ignore the content of the procedure i was just joking around xD) but i'm just sending this as a bug report hope you have a fix soon


- supermj767

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Ignore what the procedure actually does xD75.65 KB 75.65 KB

Issue comments

Even single-player gameplay has a built-in server running in the background, so many of these can apply even to a single-player scenario.

Some triggers trigger on both sides, some not, this also varies by version of MC and FG.

For such procedures to work, you need to wrap your procedure with if statement that checks if the current world is server-side:

if NOT "Is provided world remote (client-side)"

    (your existing procedure)

You can find "Is provided world remote (client-side)" procedure block in the "World data" procedure blocks section.

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