recipes that do not need to unlock

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Issue description

All custom recipes need to be unlock by crafting or achivement.Can you add a recipe that DONOT NEED TO BE CRAFTED???





Issue comments

I don't quite mean what you meant with


There is no requirement for recipe to be crafted.

Grrrrr.That is quite hard to be understand.If you didn't unlocked a recipe,you can craft it directly(without a recipe book),and unlock it.But i want to add it to recipe book without an advancement unlock.I don't want extra advancements.

Hmm, I don't think you can do this as recipes have this mechanic by default. You might make advancement that unlocks all recipes (list all your recipes as reward) and give this advancement to the player upon joining?

Yeah,but that will make a strange tip when the player is looking at his/her advancements.Is there ANY ways to do so?Or you can ask forge developer to do this?

Or you can ask forge developer to do this?

No, they won't just add random features.

I don't want extra advancements.

Why this constraint? You can disable advancement display and use it just for logic activation

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