Missing Minecraft Source Code Library

Issue description

I'm not sure if this is actually a problem on my end or if it was an intended removal that I missed in the changelog somewhere. For some reason, my list of Minecraft reference code has vanished from my sidebar panel. Normally I can splice small chucks of code from a vanilla mob into one of my modded ones (i.e. adding the Blaze's glow to make mobs stand out in the dark). I've done this before in MCreator version 1.9, but had to regenerate any custom code when I switched to version 2020.2. Have the source files been moved, or is there somewhere I can download them back into my sidebar?

Issue comments

The sidebar is already open, but the source code library is no longer on it. It used to be at the top of the list, directly above the mod files. Now the only thing to do with vanilla Minecraft is the Minecraft Run Folder.

Seriously though, what is the code, how do you make an entity glow in 1.12.2, PLEEEAAASSSEEE

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