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Published by FanelLore on Tue, 05/26/2020 - 02:18
Issue description

For my custom dimension that I created, I found some major problems that seemed to not be fixable upon the apparent time. The dimension itself did not have any issues, but the portal did. When I entered the portal to my custom dimension, I came out in a solid block around 15 or so blocks away from the portal... This would not work well for a mod, since coming out in a solid block is not good news. 

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated :)

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This is the dimension... 1.09 KB 1.09 KB
This is the portal block...2.24 KB 2.24 KB

Issue comments

Does this always happen?

Because it is known this can happen in some rare cases, but I am still investigating the cause for this.

Yeah, It happens for all of my custom portals. I am going to see if the nether portal has the same problem too today.

Hmm, just a minute. Gotta find my actual workspace folder or whatever.

Hmmm... I'm trying to find my workspace, but it doesn't allow a folder or the actual Mcreator workspace. Which one do you want?

I think it might have something to do with the portal blocks' code. I do not understand it very well myself, but there is something there that might be the problem. 

Oh. Interesting... I thought I provided a zipped file of the workspace. Let me try again.

Oh sorry, I didn't notice that it had a limit of 10 MB. The whole workspace is quite large :(


Sorry, but what do you mean by "somewhere else?" I'm trying to do it on the issue file attachment thing.

Also, I think it might have been a backup problem. I created a new world just now (Solemnly 1.15.2) instead of playing on my 1.14.4 world. In the new world, the portals work fine. 

Sorry for bothering you so much :(

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