I want to be able to edit the sounds.json file without MCreator rewriting the code.

Issue description

I have a project that I was making, then I wanted to add custom block sounds (which I got working). Then I wanted to edit the sounds.json, but MCreator rewrites the file. Is there

a way to edit this file without Mcreator rewriting it or could it be added as a feature to lock json files?

Issue comments

There is no way to lock this file as then adding sounds from the interface would not add them to the sounds.json properly.

You can still make your own sounds.json on a file on the desktop or someting, and when you need to try you sounds, you can export the .jar mod, use an archive editor to replace the sounds.json file , and try your custom sound IDs on a regular Minecraft client.

Tip: name at least one sound with your sound grouping ID in the MCreator interface before the export.

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