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-We all know Mcreator has "Replace Block at x y z with ... keep state, keep NBT,inventory" But why not items ? Like "Replace Provided Items with ... keep state, keep NBT,inventory". With this we can make things like : upgrade a diamond swords to a netherite swords that keep all enchantments the diamond one has.

-And even better, we may have :  

+Crafting with inventory items : For Ex, I made a backpack and I want to craft a Big backpack with that old one. Can you guys make that we can detect that when the backpack has items inside, we cant craft the bigger one with it or even better, make the crafted Big backpack has every items in the old one.

Issue comments

You can copy data to local variables, replace item, and assign data to the new one.

Crafting with inventory items

Totally possible already

Sorry I meant you meant backpacks with crafting support. 

Preserving through crafting is out of scope, it would be hard work even with custom code.

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