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Hello There,

In an older version I was able to make a slab (before the feature was available), by setting the Max y Cord to 0.5, and the rotation feature was available to which I could make a slab. If I try to do that now the size bugs to a full block or it was set and unrotatable. I was wondering if this can be ignored, however adding the rotation features to slabs (and other block types if not already) would fix this as well as make the features a lot better. Thanks for all your work on it so far, great job!

(Image - the block that is being aimed at is set to 0.5 as a 'Slab but shows as a full block, and the blocks on the left are slabs but unrotatable).

Sincerely, David

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Size is now controlled by model, not by bounding box, this changed in MC.

Use slab block base for this purpose.

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