How to call void on another procedure

Published by Pufund on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 15:06
Issue description

I am new to this program so I dont know if its possible but doing this in bukkit is wasnt problem so I think it will work. Basically I want to trigger voids or functions in other procedures. I have 2 procedures, first one is getting items on input slot and restarting timer and second one is adding +1 on tick update and if Integer equals 20 it needs to trigger some void or function in first one. Sorry for my English if you didnt understand my native language is not English.

Issue comments

Advanced -> Call procedure

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Yes I know there is call procedure but If I call procedure its triggering main event trigger what I want is creating new Event trigger for other procedures to call it like different void.

if I call procedure it will do the same work as button click so when the time is up it'll be like clicking button.

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