Fog Issues

Published by HjerreSwag on Sat, 08/01/2020 - 12:20
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Issue description

Hey! I'm having an issue with my dimension in my mod. It's not a big deal, yet I still hope there is a fix:

I made a dimension, did a bunch of settings, and turned off Sky Light, as far as I understand that is the daylight cycle. I included black fog in my dimension.

Though apparently, when it is about to turn day, the fog color changes until that time has been reached. Like, when the sun is coming up, the fog slowly becomes orange/red. After that it is black again.


Hopefully there is a fix for this, if needed I can include my workspace, though I prefer not to, as I want to keep the project for myself.

Issue comments

Provide minimal workspace with one dimension demonstrating this and steps to reproduce.

Make sure to disable imitate overworld first as this might be causing it.

Yeah that is off, I'll try to send a workspace as soon as possible, though I haven't had the issue after I posted this. So it might be gone, hopefully.

I've been playing around just a sec and it appears to happen from 21800 until around 722

You can see it best at around 23000. I recommend just turning the time to that and turning of daylight cycle after


Here is the workspace: (I'm not sure if it's there, if not idk how to add a file to this)


BTW: You can't always see the weird colored fog, it can only be seen in some directions, (north, east, south, west, but also looking up has effect)

Has this been fixed yet? I am having the same issues with my custom dimension.

Both of it is off, but I wouldn't know how I would share the workspace with you, but I do have an idea how this might be caused.


First, you create a world, /time set anything, go to the dimension and wait, this is how it occurred to me.

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