entity is not activating ranged item procedure

Published by supermj767 on Wed, 08/05/2020 - 15:12
Works as designed
Issue description

i made an entity that shoots a custom ranged item, and that ranged item uses a "when ranged item used" procedure and this procedure does not run whenever the mob shoots the weapon, but whenever i shoot the same gun it works.

Issue comments

Yes, this is normal, explanation in my first comment. 

"when ranged item used" if for item, not for the bullet entity

I'm not talking about the bullet entity, im talking about the entity that is shooting the gun (sorry for the confusion)

Still, "when ranged item used" trigger, this one will not be triggered by any entity but by the handheld item for the ranged item which is not used by custom entity when shooting your ranged item's bullet entity.

No, AI task only shoots bullets, it does not actually use the ranged item. This is how this AI is designed

Hmm, I could do on projectile spawned trigger, for example. When you can, open a new ticket requesting this, and I will consider it.