Github branch on Mcreator doesn't refresh

Published by ChrisHiss on Sat, 08/15/2020 - 09:53
MCreator version
Issue description


I have published this already but this was in the wrong forum so I post here bc it's actually an issue

I have problems with changing branch

I deleted some and created ones but it doesn't seem to refresh
I deleted the master branch, and i deleted 1.15/dev, 1.15/release and created 1.15-dev and 1.15-release because I thought it created a problem with paths, but it still didn't solve it.

Here are some screens

PS: I have restored the 1.15/dev branch because i'm scared my work gets erased like it happened yesterday with the implementation of a custom fence that I spent all th day working on

Issue comments

Try pulling to get new branches. Keep in mind that complex additions and removals of branches from both remote and local side might not work properly yet, as testing all possible use cases is impossible at current time amount I can invest in this project.

For more advanced Git manipulation, consider using Git for Windows, for example.

Btw the screenshot is when I pulled, I assume I selected an inexisting branch but I had the intended refresh still