New Block Base: Pipes

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Since you have begun implementing FE energy in 2020.4, Please add the following New Block Base:


could be used to easily generate a pipe item like the ones used in many FE mods like buildcraft etc.

there should be 3 variants that could be generated which are Energy, Fluid, and Item pipes. There should also be the option to set the width of the pipe in pixels from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. the size would depend upon the number selected for width with 2 being the narrowest (the pixel values can't be odd numbers because the size of a 1 or 3 pixel wide pipe would not make it centered properly like a BC Pipe) and 16 being the largest (a pipe that is 1 whole minecraft block wide)

Issue comments

Block bases use existing MC models and logic, there are no pipes in the MC by default, so, unfortunately, this is out of scope at the moment.

My suggestion would be to use multiple blocks for pipe direction and BlockBench to define pipe shape at this time.

You would have to code the models and logic for the pipes yourself in the future as a Custom Block base, please reopen topic.

so, unfortunately, this is out of scope at the moment

please reopen topic.

I will when this becomes somewhat doable. I don't have all the time in my life to work on MCreator as I have to work full-time too and attend university. Consider this, plus the fact MCreator is free, so there is only my free time I can invest in this, as bills are to be paid.

This is not a commercial project run by some huge company, so I need to balance things.

Adding features completely out of the scope of existing MC features or Forge APIs will be marked as out of scope for some time until I add all existing needed features.

Also, as I said you could do this yourself using models and procedures too if it is that urgent.

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