Interface Overview

Works with

Main menu

Once you have started up MCreator you will have the "Main Menu" and "Workspace Toolbar", you will also have some feeds from MCreator's website.

Workspace toolbar

You are able to do the flowing things under the Workspace Toolbar

  • Export Current Workspace to MRC file - This lets you backup and save your mods.
  • Export Current Workspace to Eclipse - This lets you work on your mod in Eclipse.
  • Import MRC file - This lets you work on a workspace you have exported before.
  • Rename Current Workspace - This allows you to rename your workspace, making it easier to know what project you're working on.
  • Workspace 1 to 5 - Here you can switch between projects.
  • Dropbox Workspace - Here you can use Dropbox as an extra workspace.

Main toolbar

  • MCreator Icon - This will bring you back to the Main Menu.
  • Workspace Tab - Workspace is where you will spend most of your time when you make your mods.
  • Tools Tab - Tools is all the plugins and editors you can use with MCreator.
  • Console Tab - Console will list if your element compiles right or not if you see red text something went wrong.
  • Round C Icon - This starts the client test environment.
  • Round S Icon - This will test to see if there are errors with servers, it will start and stop the server.
  • Round Export Icon - This button is where you export your mod.
  • Preferences - Has some basic configuration options for MCreator.

Workspace tab

Welcome to the Workspace Tab, here you will find some more buttons you can click.

  • Create New Element - This button will open up a window for you to pick what mod element to create.
  • Edit Element - This will allow you to go back and change settings of your element.
  • Delete - This will delete the selected element.
  • Delete All - This will delete all your elements, but keep your textures.
  • View Source - This will let you see the source code of your element.
  • Export Mod - This is like the Round export icon, this will allow you to export your mod to use.
  • Publish Mod - This will publish your mod to MCreator's website.


  • Variable List - Here you can make your own variables, a data item that may take on more than one value during the runtime of a program.
  • Global Events - Global events are events that affect not only an element but Minecraft as a whole


  • Project Browser - You will see your mods show up in a list in the browser.
  • TODO List - This is here to help you keep track of your ideas and priorities for your mod.

Tools tab

These buttons were moved to other locations in 1.8.2.

Under the Main Toolbar, you will find a tab called tools. Here are a number of plugins and editors that help you make your mod.

  • Create an Item/Block texture - Upload a 16x16 pixel texture, to use for item and blocks.
  • Draw Item/Block texture - Draw a texture for an Item or Block.
  • Create animated texture - Make a texture like water or a portal texture.
  • Create armor texture - Create an armor texture for your mod.
  • Import armor texture - Upload an armor texture from your computer to use for your mod.
  • Import MCSKIN3D Mob Texture - Import a mob texture.
  • Add custom sound - Add a custom sound for use in your modification.
  • Add custom sound for a record - Add a custom sound for use in a record.
  • Add custom ambient music - Add a sound that plays randomly in the background like the cave noise.
  • Open screenshot directory - Opens directory of in-game taken screenshots.
  • Create Recipe/Smelting Image - Make a crafting image for you when you publish your mod so people know how to make things.
  • Recompile - Recompile, puts the code together again.
  • Run Gradle Task - build configuration script, Only use if you know what you are doing.
  • Export to the local Minecraft Installs the mod to your installed version of Minecraft.
  • Remove mod from local Minecraft Uninstalls mod from your installed version of Minecraft.
  • Relaunch MCreator - Stops MCreator and Restarts it, this is a good quick fix if MCreator is running slow.
  • Factory Reset - Removes all elements, textures and other content you have uploaded, and it will Reinstall MCreator.
  • Launch Techne - If you have installed Techne on your computer you can run it from MCreator.
  • Launch MCSKIN3D - Runs MCSKIN3D from MCreator.
  • Launch BDCRAFT CUBIK Lite - Runs BDCRAFT CUBIK Lite version from MCreator.
  • Launch Blender - Runs Blender from MCreator.

The basic mod creation interface

Summary to creating an element.

  1. Click on workspace tab.
  2. Click Create new element.
  3. Pick your element.
  4. Fill out element properties.
  5. Click done.