Project won't open

Published by Logdawg940 on Sun, 12/01/2019 - 18:12
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Issue description

I tried opening MCreator and it worked fine but when i tried to open my project, it displayed the loading mouse symbol. I tried closing and reopening, restarting my computer, and I even tried redownloading it. My project isn't loading in at all. Help!!!!!

Issue comments

Workspaces can get corrupted if they are being written to while the computer crashes or MCreator is unexpectedly closed.

To restore your workspace, go to <workspace folder>/.mcreator/workspaceBackups/. In this folder, backups of the workspace file are stored. Pick a backup from a date before the crash and replace your <workspace folder>/<modid>.mcreator file with one of the backups. Make sure to rename the backup to the same name as the original workspace file.

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