Item descriptions for all item/block based mod elements

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Issue description

I would be nice to add text to all items... (All thing that can be hold)

It could be useful like for Food type, to know what happen when we eat the food etc...

Same for tools as type "Special" to know what block it can break

To know what happen when a ranged item is used on a mob etc....


Just suggesting :)

Issue comments

It is possible to do it manually but you will need to add to block the item element for MCreator and edit it adding this imports:

          import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack;
          import net.minecraft.client.util.ITooltipFlag;

          import java.util.List;

most of stuff will already be there so only add what is missing then add the following:

            public void addInformation(ItemStack itemstack, World world, List<String> list, ITooltipFlag flag) {
            super.addInformation(itemstack, world, list, flag);
            list.add("YOUR TEXT HERE");


Could you post an example of an item's code with your manual edits in it? I can't seem to figure out where to place your lines without causing an compiling error and would love to see how you do it.