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EAP 2021.1.03117
EAP 2021.1.12313
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Expanded Texture Templates simply adds a whole bunch of different textures to MCreator's texture maker. 

Have you noticed how MCreator's default templates don't look like Vanilla Minecraft at all? That's due to copyright reasons (so don't ask the MCreator team to add them). This plugin adds a bunch of Vanilla-like textures, including some 1.17 textures! 

Want the quickest updates? Look on the GitHub! All updates are made public there before here.


The GitHub has been designed to allow for many different templates. If you want, you can add your own templates to this pack! How? Create a ZIP file of all the templates you'd like to add. All of the files in the ZIP should be named as such: <TEXTURE_NAME>___<YOUR_USER>.png (Example: square_bricks___erin_rose.png). This is so that you don't accidentally overwrite Vanilla's or someone else's textures. You'd then create a new issue on the GitHub (there should be a template for this), and add your ZIP file. A more sophisticated system is in the works.

NOTE: Your custom templates do NOT have to be Vanilla based! They can be of your own style, or of a style you saw, or of another mod (if it's another mod, put the mod's name instead if your name in the file's name). 


Open the ZIP archive, and drop the texturemaker folder into <user>/.mcreator/templates/textures 
If updating, select the "replace file" option when you perform the previous instruction. Sometimes textures are changed when snapshots change the textures, or if someone is fixing something on a texture, and doing this will update the textures.
NOTE: MCreator MUST be CLOSED when installing Expanded Texture Tempates, or they won't appear in MCreator.

i really hope this qualifies... i'd like for more people to be able to use this.

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You have made me want to make plugins and template packs, I made an account just to make this comment lmao!

well this very useful than the mcreator texture pack from software self want on this I can see better