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Caelus API
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Caelus is a small utility mod that abstracts the hardcoded vanilla elytra behavior into a more generic elytra flight attribute and exposes this to mod developers seeking to implement elytra flight for their mods.

All modders have to do is call CaelusApi.getInstance().getFlightAttribute() wherever they want to apply a modifier to the flight attribute. The attribute has a default value of 0, which forbids any elytra flight. Attribute values greater than or equal to 1 will enable elytra flight. The vanilla elytra item has also been changed to use this attribute, keeping its behavior the same as normal.


Toggle Elytra - Using a keybinding, default 'V', players can toggle whether or not to use elytra flight. When it's off, the player cannot activate elytra flight at all. When it's on, the elytra flight can be activated as normal.

Trigger Elytra - Using a keybinding, default nothing, players can automatically activate elytra flight without needing to do the usual awkward jump and then jump again. This works whether they're in mid-air or on the ground (although you'll likely fall flat on your face unless you activate it on a ledge).

Simple Takeoff - If true, when you using the Trigger Elytra keybinding from the ground, players can optionally hold down the key to automatically deploy a firework from their inventory after activating the elytra. This turns the usual 3-step takeoff process (jump -> jump -> use firework) into a single held-down key press.

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