Zombie cars

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In this mod for minecraft there are cars, zombie cars, guns, bomber weapons and car wheels
Soon there will be vans, trains, helicopters, planes, more weapons, more structures, more armor, more exchanges for the villagers and many zombie bosses that you have to defeat. One boss is the giant zombidet whell, other boss is the king of cars.

It's not finished yet but we hope you enjoy this mod as much as you can.

Modification files
zombiecars-1.19.2-forge-v1.0.jar - This version in not completed.Uploaded on: 03/26/2023 - 07:48   File size: 37.53 KB
zombiecars-1.19.2-Forge-v1.1.jar - This version is more advanced.Uploaded on: 03/30/2023 - 05:05   File size: 50.18 KB

this is the most beautiful mod I have ever seen, it brings a tear to my eye