A Long List of Items that I want Added in the next MCreator Update

Started by Nicholas32704 on Mon, 07/17/2017 - 02:20

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A Long List of Items that I want Added in the next MCreator Update
Mon, 07/17/2017 - 02:20

Things that I would absolutely LOVE for MCreator:


BE WARNED: It's a long list. :P

  • Proper "shader" effects. Take a look at Twilight Forest and the Betweenlands. They all have some kind of shader that makes it actually look like night, makes everything look murky and dampened, etc.
  • Add Night textures.
  • Literal "events." For example, every time night falls, certain random events will happen, like zombie waves, red sky, etc.
  • CUSTOM MOB ANIMATIONS! OMG I have been waiting FOREVER for this. Make custom mobs have their own complex animations. If you spawn it, it has a little "cutscene" of it digging through the ground, appearing out of nowhere, etc. along with little chat messages for boss mobs. And if you kill t, it has another animation.
  • Mob sections. For example, the Naga from the TF mod. It's body is made of seperate sections that gives it the "slithering" effect. It would work like each section is a separate mob, and you could "connect" it to other mobs, like "section1, section2," etc., along with being able to place the section where ever on the model. it doesn't have to ONLY look like a mob-conga. I've always wanted to recreate Twinmold from LOZ: MM in a mod, but I literally cannot do that with MCreator so far because of how f*cking limited it is.
  • Better armor textures. The armor so far looks really faded out and dull. You could make custom and overall better armor textures instead of using pre-made crap that doesn't look good.
  • Textures from other mods besides Vanilla Minecraft would be nice (Like Aether, Nevermine AoA, Twilight Forest, Erebus, etc.)
  • It would be nice if you could make custom shields along with textures for it.
  • Custom books would be nice.
  • Trader mobs would be nice.
  • Literal FLYING mobs. Not just mobs that float when they fall down. Make it so you can make a dragon mob with animated wings. Make it so you can make a mountable flying Creeper or something.
  • Dirt and grass shading. If I try to make a night-themed Dimension, the dirst stands out to much because of how bright it is.
  • More Dimension types, like "Aether," "Twilight Forest," etc.
  • Make it so you spawn in the main island of an End themed Dimension.
  • Better Boss summoning. For example, you could craft a special boss summoning item, and build some kind of mini-shrine to place the item on (like how the wither is summoned.) And then, some chat text appears, and a boss summoning animation plays, and thus the boss spawns.
  • Speaking of bosses and mobs, how about better mob/boss A.I. You can make the mobs behave differently than just charging at you and trying to attack. You can make a mob run away and try to heal, while throwing clones at you to battle. You can make a boss like the Illigers. You can make a mob with practically any A.I. style you like.
  • Add an option that disables custom Hostile mobs from despawning.
  • You can make a custom mob spawn in a dimension only.
  • You can make plants spawn in certain biomes/dimensions.
  • You can make patches of blocks generate in biomes and dimensions.
  • Custom chests.
  • Custom torches.
  • Custom glass.
  • When you spawn in a dimension, you can spawn in a "starter structure" that is attached to the portal.
  • Unique redstone-ish blocks, like the Carminite blocks from TF.
  • Dimension biomes don't generate in the overworld.
  • Unique ways to enter dimensions. Make an End Portal type frame, a TF type portal frame, etc. But make it so you can come up with your OWN unique portal design. :P
  • Bigger structure block limit. I cannot make that big of a schematic file without it passing some sort of limit.
  • Make certain blocks and sections of a structure randomized. Like stone bricks can be cracked, mossy, etc., while certain rooms are randomized each time you find the structure.
  • Certain biome generation style. For example, the TF's biomes are generated in a unique way: the main biome surrounding a different sub-biome.
  • More biome styles, like flatworld, a world with a bunch of pits, etc. See Nevermine AOA for biome ideas.
  • You can place at least 1 structure in a biome, and everytime you come across said biome, it is certain that the structure will be there.
  • "fixed" generation. What this means is that you have the option to make certain biomes and dimensions generate EXACTLY the same, regardless of what seed you pick.
  • Updated MCreator GUI to help implemet everything in this list.
  • A block that can turn into another block after a while, like grass.
  • Achievement Tabs. I don't want my future mod's achievements to overlap with Vanilla Minecraft's
  • Better Achievement setup. I HATED the way how you had to determine the exact x and y coordinates of an achievement. I ended up resetting my test world OVER and OVER again just to find my achievement either WAY out of range or overlapping with already existing ones.


TL;DR: MCreator needs work. LOTS OF IT. For at least 2 years I have been thinking about this TF/Betweenlands type mod, but I literally can't do ANYTHING with it because of how limited MCreator is with everything. I REALLY want to make this mod a thing, but I can't right now with what MCreator already is right now.


Hopefully this list will be added in a future update. I really hope so.

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