Blocks don't generate in Nether(Ore)

Published by Volfu on Thu, 03/22/2018 - 17:13
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Issue description

So i tried to make ore, that spawns in nether but it doesn't.
i checked with different frequency on chunks/specific chunks but without effect
however everything is fine if i try to spawn it in normal world

Issue comments

Thank you for your bug report. We will investigate this bug and fix it.

Submitted by Volfu on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 12:18

found a solution for this:
1/ in code add this line : "import net.minecraft.block.state.pattern.BlockMatcher;"
2/ in "public void generateNether" modify :

(new WorldGenMinable(YourBlockName.block.getDefaultState(), X)).generate(world, rand, new BlockPos(randPosX, randPosY, randPosZ)); 

by :
(new WorldGenMinable(YourBlockName.block.getDefaultState(), X, BlockMatcher.forBlock(Block.getBlockById(87)))).generate(world, rand, new BlockPos(randPosX, randPosY, randPosZ)); 

where X is max vein miner(from 0 to 30)
After adding this blocks(ores) spawn in nether.
please add this code in 1.7.9++ mcreator versions

I tried it and Mcreator say there is an error with my block when I try to export it.

Wait it worked. but not. There was no compilation error anymore but when I tried in the game, I couldn't find any generated ore.

Okay it worked but I needed to put the max vein miner above 3, below 4 it won't generate, idk why.

Now It won't work for my second block generation. I have a dragon ore block that is generating but my onyx block won't.

I haven't changed anything, I only exported my mod again, tried didn't work, then exported it again and now it work. It's weird.

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