Overwritten textures

Published by Lonrad on Sun, 03/18/2018 - 23:40
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Issue description

I already posted something like this but I think I posted it in the wrong section.

Anyway, this may or may not be a bug, but I saved a block texture as "stone" because it was going to be a type of stone for my mod. I think it saved over the existing texture name of stone because as long as my mod is in my folder all regular stone blocks have that texture.

Does MCreator link with the Minecraft files? It shouldn't because MCreator is a different platform entirely and the textures I make should not interfere with the existing ones.

I can use a rescource pack to cover it up, but what rescource packs don't always work.

Please help, my world looks messy with this weird looking stone. It's a minor issue but it's disturbing.

OK thanks mods for solving my problem

Issue comments

Another thing that has to do with textures is that in 1.7.10 MCreator I can't import item textures. I click the texture box but nothing happens.

MCreator uses Minecraft domain for resource storage. This causes the effect you described. This will be changed in MCreator 2, so I will leave this issue open for tracking the progress of this.

For now, avoid using the resource names that are also used by Minecraft.

Wait, so there's nothing I can do to fix it aside from going into the in-game texture files of Minecraft? (Which I don't know how to do)