Some new Procedures for the procedure editor

Published by mario2582 on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 01:30
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Issue description

Ideas for Some new Procedures for the procedure editor

- A +- Math Procedure in the math functions, it randomly chooses to either add or subtract (but not both) whatever it is being used for

- A Delay / Countdown Procedure, A timer that delays for how many seconds it is defined to until it goes to the next step. Example - a audio generation Procedure plays a sound, then the new delay procedure waits 3 seconds before proceeding to the Explode at X Y Z Power Procedure

- A procedure that moves a entity / player in x, y, z direction at a defined speed value (i want to create quicksand and need to move the player in the -y direction at a slow speed upon collision of so called block)

- a "IS Snowing in Provided World" world data procedure that looks specifically for snow, ignores rain or thunder.

- a "IS 'Fluid' at X, Y, Z" Similar to the Is Air at Procedure, except it looks for any kind of 'Fluid' instead, this would be useful to trigger something if such and such fluid came into contact with something such as oil coming into contact with fire

- a Set on Fire Procedure, does what it says and makes the block catch on fire when triggered.

Issue comments

  1. Can be already done
  2. Is in plan, but the implementation will be hard so it was postponed for now
  3. You can use teleport entity block for this
  4. We will consider adding this one in the future
  5. We will consider adding this one in the future
  6. You can place fire block to achieve this

4. I Think that its dependable on a biome since Snow and Rain occurred at the same time but on different biomes

Add a drop down on the direction sensor for a entity to allow for

X, Y and Z access direction via the percentage of view in that direction and

also add ray tracing sensing using a simple system of somthing like a arrow entity that can also be changed via the direction of a entity and bla bla.


You could then use this to detect if a player / entity is viewing another entity! to allow for all kinds of fun things like custom bows, guns with no gravity, things like Weeping Angles and SCP-173, custom enderman and more!


I have most likly over complicated it as i explained it..

But this would be a epic thing to add!.


Also try and add actually cool and usful potion effects / things to use with potion effects.

Currently its a bit dull and bad, all you can do is add basic procedures to it..
try and allow for people to set rendering effects via a simple block with a  drop down and perhaps some settings!

Like that "super secret settings" button from that one update in minecraft's past..

That update added a lot of cool effects that are still unused lieing in the core of minecraft..
you could simply just refer to them for the block if you ever add it :P


Thanks for reading my comment..
Please take these into account, they would be really cool.


Oh also ps ps...

1.14 sucks for modding.. same with 1.13 currently..

Best stick with 1.12.2 for the next update or perhaps release some kind of multiple version coverage... :P