Custom GUI input output slots don't work with hoppers

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Issue description

I do not know if this should be a bug or a feature request.

anyway, I was making a block that generates tree items. this is similar to the furnace. And I was wanting to use hoppers to input into the input slot and (when the hopper is placed below the block) only take items out of the output slot. I then went and tested it and the hopper inputs and outputs to any of the slots starting with slot 0.

In minecraft itself, the hoppers can input into the furnace only to the input slots and take out from only the output slots.

It would be really nice if this was fixed and if it was not even in the program, to begin with adding it to mcreator.

Issue comments

yes, that is what I am saying is wrong.

I want the hoppers to input into a specific slot type. like an input slot. and I want them to take out of only the output slots. instead, they are taking out of/putting into every slot matter if it is input or output.

This can't be controlled by MCreator directly right now, unfortunately. Right now you can manually override

public boolean canInsertItem(int index, ItemStack itemStackIn, EnumFacing direction)

in TileEntity of the block to make this work. I will open this ticket back and will try to fix this for future versions.

sorry I am very new to some of the coding things.

what are these related to:

index    -item slot nuber?

ItemStack itemStackIn    -I am guesing this is where you say the specific Item. do I need this?

EnumFacing direction  -what does this mean?

I suggest you to do some searching on Minecraft Forge forums or wait for 1.8.1 where this bug will most likely be fixed.

In 1.8.1, you will have the option to define slots that should not be used by hoppers in the block definition GUI.