Block model not working

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Issue description

I have recently made some blocks with custom 3d model. The models of these blocks were made using Blockbench and the transparency of the blocks was set to cutout/translucent (I tried both).

The blocks do not cause any recompilation error, but they have missing texture when placed and a weird texture when held in hand.

I made custom blocks in different workspaces, and they have the same bug (blocks in Pyromancy were supposed to have a custom 3d model).

These are not the first custom 3d blocks I make in 1.8.0 (previously, blocks made in 1.8.0 worked).


Issue comments

I will check what could be causing this and report back. In the meantime, try to switch the workspaces to another and back to this one, sometimes this fixes such errors.

is your model file name lowercase or no if not than re-name it with lowercase letters only and import it again

ok I checked your zip file u have attached and yes its the name problem simply rename your model from Amulet_forgery to amulet_forgery and re import it to MCreator this should fix the problem and this will be patched in next MCreator update