Workspace freezes upon loading

Published by ZentoYT on Sat, 11/10/2018 - 13:25
Works as designed
Issue description

Freezes on the last loading bit of the workspace, please help as I have a huge mod mid way done and cant access it and hopping its not deleted!

Issue comments

I thought you were talking about MCreator getting stuck on import. Could you provide a bit more details where exactly MCreator gets stuck? And any details on how to replicate this bug would be welcome too.

The launcher just wont load, it gets to loading workspace and just sits there infinitely, ive left it on for an hour or 2 and still doing it, ive backed up the workspace.mcreator and reinstalled it and it works fine, then when I copy my backup of my workspace.mcreator it freezes again, is there a way of saving my workspace??

You can't import workspace by copying workspace.mcreator only. You need to export your workspace to .mcr from MCreator and import it in new MCreator installation. If you are trying to import 1.8.0 workspace, export it in 1.8.0 to .mcr and import it in 1.8.1. You can do this from "MC" tab in MCreator.

If your workspace got corrupted in 1.8.0, there is, unfortunately, most likely no way to recover it and import it in 1.8.1 but this bug with workspace corruption got resolved in 1.8.1.

I am using 1.8.1 and I didn't import It originally, I was working on a mod and one day it just never loaded again....