Procedures: Structures not spawning?

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I don´t know if its my fault or not but why is "floor_03" "floor_04" and "crossing_03" not spawning. look in the procedure.

These structures have more netherbricks and lava.

(yes i know i could do this with less blocks but i want to replace the second "floor_01" or "crossing_01" with a third different structure)

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Issue comments

Based on the compexity of your procedure, this part is not being called at all. Try building simple and test from there. For the beginning, replace procedure with direct spawn schematic block and then build from there.

I think you are overcomplicating random possibility, you could use a single block for this.

Yes. Multiply Random block with say 5 to get numbers in range from 0 to 5. Block generates values from 0 to 1 by default, so if you multiply it by X, it will generate values between 0 and X.

For % chance, you can do the following: for example to make something with 70% chance, check if the value of random block is smaller than 0.7.

I finally got it working. I had to put the randomnumber * X in a "round"block that was the trick.

Maybe you can add a preconfigured block to the math field?

And if I take a "print" block and add a "getlocalnumber" block from the custom variable s field, I always get a compilation error. 

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