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I recently downloaded mcreator 1.7.5 for minecraft 1.11.2 and I loaded it up for the first time. It worked fine, and I just closed it waiting till I wanted to make a mod. I did an update to windows the other day, I don’t know if that had anything to do with the corruption of the text. The text appears funny, like letters in all random places and missing letters. I have tried factory reset, deleted and reinstalled but nothing seems to be working. I have attached a picture below. If there is a solution to this problem, please help, I find it very hard to make mods with this ongoing. Thanks

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Install the latest version of MCreator which is 1.9.0, 1.7.5 is not supported anymore.

No, but unfortunatelly we don't support older versions anymore. I would try changing preferences a bit or try to run in legacy mode. Another thing to check if if you have font called Roboto installed. If you do, try removing it.

I’ve tried running it in legacy mode, and I don’t have the font installed. I won’t be able to move my minecraft world from 1.11.2 at this time, because other mods then won’t work. Are you saying I won’t be able to make mods for 1.11.2 because it’s not supported any more?

Not supported means that we won't release a new update that would fix this bug for this version.

I suggest you to try to update the world to 1.12.2, 1.11.2 is getting older and older and less and less support for it there will be.

How would I go about this? Would updated versions of the mods I use still be compatible with the assets I have placed in the world, or will I have to get rid of all those blocks in order to update it? And how would I get around this if mods are no longer supported in 1.12.2? Would moving the world to an even newer version of minecraft work too? Thanks for your help, just wondering what the options are :D

If you update your mod from 1.11.2 to 1.12.2 and keep same names, you should be fine. With MCreator you can easily update mods to later versions too. But before migrating to a newer versions, ALWAYS back your world up in case something goes wrong ;)

Ok, I’ll try that, if it goes wrong I’ll just move back to 1.11.2 without making my own mods. Thank you so much for your help with my issues. Would I have to keep updating my minecraft world if Mcreator breaks when it becomes unsupported for 1.12.2?

MCreator will most likely keep on supporting 1.12.2 for quite a while as we will add multi-version support down the road.

Ok, that’s good. I’ve been trying to sort the mods gor 1.12.2 but not all come in it. How can I get arounf this because i have lots of blocks from the mods placed in the world?

It depends from mod to mod, I suggest you to ask on Minecraft Forums on how to update modded maps as more users who did this are there and might be able to help you out.

I’m not making a map for download or anything, it’s just for my personal use. Would this still apply for that, and is it so I’m changing the coding in the mod to make it compatible with 1.12.2, or is this not possible and I’ll just have to get rid of the mods all together?

If you can port all the mods to 1.12.2, your map would most likely properly update by just opening it in 1.12.2. I suggest you to backup the map and then do some testing and trying to figure out.

You might have to stop using these two and find or make replacements or find a way to adapt your map to work without them.

Ok, so if I remove these mods then they’ll just be gaps in my world where the blocks were? They are only block mods, so it would work without but I believe there will just be blocks missing in the world. Would it be possible for me to add these blocks to my own mod, remove the other ones and the blocks still be there?

If you use the same mod name it might work, but you will need to test it manually. If you do backups first it can not hurt to do some trying then :)

Ok, the mods I'm using are vertical slabs and modern lights, and I'm not sure how I would make these blocks in Mcreator. Is there not an option in Mcreator for 1.12.2 to make the mods either compatible with 1.11.2 or make them compatible with both at the same time?

No, there is no way as the code of these two versions is different.

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