Multidirectional Multiblock Structure Help needed

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Multidirectional Multiblock Structure Help needed
Tue, 10/03/2023 - 22:10 (edited)

Jo i am trying to create a Multiblock structure which you can place in every direction, just as the tutorial on the website says

the only thing which is diffrent with mine is, that i have 5 different blocks on the middle layer, so their order is important and i also have a single block on the lowes layer which placement is important

all in all my code isn't working and i don't know why because i followed the tutorial as good as i could

I basically opened the if statement, check for all "base blocks" which are always the same, then i open a new if statement, and check for south rotation, middle layer, then lower layer, etc. 

somehow only north and south are working, but they also work when i destroy the important block on the bottom layer.


of course i built the structures ingame right, and rechecked the coordinates used in my if statements...

ty for help

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