crash upon pressing singleplayer

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crash upon pressing singleplayer

hello! i've encountered a problem while testing my mod, as soon as i press singleplayer, the game says "saving world" and crashes. i've been adding items, biomes, recipes, and a loot pool. all the trees i've added have heights below 30, and all minimum values are lower than maximum values (things i've seen that can cause this problem, however these seemed to not be the problem) i've tried looking at other posts with this problem, however, they either haven't been solved, have been solved but the poster didn't want to say how they fixed the problem, or were facing a completely different problem entirely :( i've tried looking through the crash log to see if i can figure out what's causing the problem, but i can't seem to get it at the moment. if anyone knows anything that may be causing a problem, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know what i need to do!

crash log pastebin:

latest.log pastebin (i'm not exactly sure if this is needed? just putting it here in case it would be able to help at all):